VISUO XS809HW Review

The Visuo RTF RC quadcopter is one of those multi-functional drones that come with prominent overall look and recognized style. It is latest in the drone market and has already made its indicate. The Visuo Drone XS809HW is now the best promoting RTF RC quadcopter among newbies as well as professional stage aircraft aviators.

Being a RTF RC quadcopter, the VISUO XS809HW is ideally foldable and tilt-able. It has a self-governing selfie method. Having a 2.0MP Great Meaning Digital camera, G-sensor Management, Size Keep, and an FPV real-time, this drone is successfully awesome. Also, apart from being prepared with these functions, it has all other functions like 3D turn and comes; 6-axis gyro, headless method and one key come back. It all in one drone that will provide an excellent encounter for all stage brochures.


The hassle about this drone is that it is actually quite simple to fly even though it is filled with many professional functions.

The primary aim of getting the Visuo Selfie XS809HW drone was to draw in all degree of gamers to appreciate all possible functions on one drone itself. One need not be an experienced brochure to own this elegance.


Equipped with 2.0MP 720P extensive position camera, this quadcopter allows you take images and video clips in high definition. The 120° extensive position allows your quadcopter to see an extensive area of perspective and hence take higher high quality antenna photos. The 720P will do the same to history video clips.

The drone is known as an rtf rc quadcopter because it is exclusively engineered in a way which will allow you to shift the drone in any position and take a try, right at the tip of your hand.

The selfie method can be triggered right at the mobile. Once the selfie method is triggered, make sure there are no challenges in your way and the remaining will be looked after by this quadcopter. Also, make sure, you choose the appropriate range and height.

You just need to obtain the FPV app and keep it on the APK program to take real-time images and video clips that will be then straight passed on to your smartphone through the cellphone camera picture.


The VISUO XS809HW comes with an elevation hold function. This allows you fly the quadcopter and float at a given height. The integrated measure allows the quadcopter to evaluate environmental stress and remain constant while you take images.

It will also let the drone float so that you can take awesome antenna photos of characteristics and landscapes from a given height.


This quadcopter has three rate stages – slowly, method and quick. If you are traveling the VISUO XS809HW for initially, you may turn with slowly and method. Once you ace in traveling, you will instantly fly your toy on quick. The rate stages help any degree of the brochure to try this drone creating the skills relaxed.

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