Tutuapp download for iOS

Tutuapp is one of the best apps which can download the apps for free on your smartphone. This app is very famous for games. The best example is the Pokemon; Clash Royale ect..tutu app can be download for the Android and tutu app download for iOS too.

  • Tutu app was made in the Chinese language after it’s become more uncomfortable for other countries so after there are many versions come to in English language and it’s become tutu helper.

Tutuapp is available for iOS devices. It’s mean iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.


If tutu app download for iOS

It’s  become a big problem for many people. Here are my answers for this question.

  • Firstly get your iOS device and open Safari.
  • Now search tutuapp.vip and wait
  • Now it should be displayed two tabs. It’s VIP and Regular
  • Tap to the Regular and tap more icon.
  • You can see there is a list now you should select add to home screen option.
  • There is a new page now you have to choose to add option.
  • Next, you have to accept this tutu app APK file on your iOS device so quickly you have to go

to setting/general setting/device management

  • There is a list of all profile. Now you can click one of it.
  • Now there simply trust your profile
  • Tap on the trust option, and it will be allowed any app from this enterprise developer to use on your iOS access to your data.
  • Finally, go to the home screen and open tutu app.




Common Questions


  1. Is it safe tutu app download for iOS.

Definitely yes. But, we can’t guarantee to you, because you download Tutu app APK from any other site so the APK may contain any other virus which it may be bricked your Android device and steal your data. So, the best choice for you will be to download the APK from the original site, and it feels safe.

  1. is tutu app free.

Yes of course. It is a free tool. It’s Freely tutuapp download for iOS on your hand. There isn’t any advertisement. So completely it’s free.


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