MJX Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter Review

The MJX Bugs 3 is a bit more compact than a Syma X8, Banyang X16, to be more accurate it’s a 310mm device. Less heavy and more compact. The Bugs 3 is completely nasty centered, but a top quality and versatile one. Except the getting equipment, the MJX bugs should manage average accidents fairly well.


If you don’t plan to use a GoPro action came, no responsibility to set up the four getting feet, i.e. the engines coffee pods enjoying the function of getting gear

An extremely powerful white-colored LED is situated front side, perfect to keep your alignment even in the existence of powerful day lights in MJX Bugs 3.


No USB or dedicated slot to link the Bugs to any potential floor place software…. The content is clear: take it and have fun, no need to hurry immeasurable hours to track all configurations.


Jaled into the end, battery power connector… here a XT30 link a unique option for a 2S battery power but in another hand, the XT30 can agree to much more current Flux.


You can find the segments system to link the GoPro set up. I observed, it’s fairly hard to discharge the set up. You need to really media down the nasty tab possessing it.

Super powerful lighting is also situated below. Strong white-colored for front side hands and red for back, switched on only when the device is limited.


An 1800mah 2S LiPo with 25C of launch amount is offered, itself set up into a nasty real estate. Little creativity, battery power link is a XT30, the little sibling of the XT60. Be aware, my LiPo came full charged… not a wise decision for transport and storage space.

If the XT30 is not yet a popular link, you can buy XT60 men to XT30 women adaptor. You will be able to use the best RC Quadcopter …

Camera cradle

No problem to fit a genuine RC Quadcopter. Most of imitations will fit also. For my Firefly 6S, I need to use an additional category of froth to fill up the staying 100 % free gap.


A huge 2.4G RF guarded component, probably an A7105 processor able to manage 2-way methods.

Interesting, the MCU is the HL054, a replicated of the mini54zan ARM primary. Gradually, bradwii could be set up if a SWD slot is available. A 100 % free FPV slot (3 place 1.25mm mini-JST connector) is available where the main pin is the floor, the staying is +3.3V and the right +5V. Ideal to link any of the best VTX/AIO alternatives.


The framework is traditional without LCD screen. Just a huge natural main Iight when the air is switched on. Four neck key. The more on the staying choose one of the two amount ways. The red staying one if temporarily pushed arm the device. Long media on it to disarm. The top right key works 360 flicks, a little creativity regarded it’s a brushless design. The last key is not effective for the primary version. It’s leading to movie or images for the associated design.

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